AONI D881 HD720p Camera Hd Camera TV Box Computer Screen Night Vision With Microphone High Quality Webcam For Win Xp/7/8/Mac Os



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AONI D881 HD720p Camera Hd Camera TV Box Computer Screen Night Vision With Microphone High Quality Webcam For Win Xp/7/8/Mac Os

Aoni HD Webcam for TV boxes and smart TVs

This product is suitable for:

  • Intelligent Network TV (Android 4.0 and above)
  • Network set-top boxes (Android 4.0)
  • Voice chat desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Voice chat
  • Play the self-timer
  • Voice engineering
  • Students’ classroom recording
  • Remote tutoring
  • Homework help children
  • YY broadcast live video recording
  • Video conference
  • Security monitoring
  • Patient monitoring
  • Telemedicine


Aoni camera support rate is relatively high (except for individual function not open), as follows:


  1. Smart TV:
    TCL: TCL D42E161, L110H9500A-UD, TCL L65F3500A-3D, TCL Yunqing V8500.
    TCL game TV: L55E6700A-UD, L49E6700A-UD, TCL L55E5620A-3D, TCL ICE screen, TCL V7600
    Hisense TV: LED58XT8800G3D, LED55K600X3D, LED65K680X3DU, LED32EC600D, LED48EC280JD 48 Inches, LED55K600X3D, LED58XT880G3D.
    LE Super TV: S40 Air, S50Ai, X50Air.
    Cool open TV: 49U2 4K dream version, 58U1 58 4K very clear dream version, 40U1 40 Inches 4K very clear dream version.
    Changhong TV: LED58C3080i, LED42C2080i 42 inch, LED55C2080i, LED50C2080i, 3D42B4500I.
    Haier TV: LU42H7300, U9000, LU50H7300, LE55A700, MOOKA U50H7.
  2. Smart TV box:
    Found: British Fick I9, Hoi Mei Di H9, Lynx Box TMB2200RA, EDIY S1, Di beautiful special X6II, Youku K1, Taijie WEBOX, Yi Bao X1

    • General cloud OS system built boxes which can be used, for example: Bor, British Fick, Di beautiful special, Mortimer, Hoi Mei Di, Lynx Box, Deko, than electricity.
    • Generally built QQ software boxes can be used.
    • The current support rate RK3128 / RK3288 / Chi A420 three options higher.
    • Individual smart TV and TV boxes because of argument, try a different version of QQ (eg: QQ mobile version, QQ pad version, QQ TV version, etc.).
  3. If the first and second two were not included with your device or try a different version QQ is still not resolved, please contact us directly.
    Known not directly supported TV brand models: not compatible with XIAOMI TV, not compatible with Samsung TV, not compatible with LG TV, not compatible with Sharp TV.
    Known not directly support box brand models: Mortimer T2, millet box, Huawei M321, Baidu shadow stick 2S and the like.
  4. On the part of intelligent television can not be the voice of the video, the need to try to adjust the TV’s default audio settings;
    Reference: Haier TV MIC setting method “System” — “Advanced Features” — “Audio Settings” in the “Audio Settings” select “Camera Mike” save again after the video connection OK.


Full HD USB PC Camera 177
• Adjustable clip can be used on LCD,Notebook
and CRT
• With Manual Focus /Auto Focus
• Built-in microphone for videoconferencing
and recording
• Support 360 degree rotary angle
• Rubber finishing and zinc alloy body makes
the products more valuable
• USB2.0 UVC HD 720P DSP chip and high analyze degree CMOS Color sensor(HD 720P for option);
• 16:9 widescreen display;
• Video resolution and frame rate:
• 1920×1080 @ 30 fps;
• Still image: 12M pixels by software
• Vedio mode: MJPG & YUY2
• High quality glass lens;
• Automatic adjustments for brightness, contrast, color saturation.
• Software function: photo frame/special effect/face tracking/zoom function
• Plug & play in win 8/7/vista/xp2,3/MAC OS X 10.4.8 or above
System Basic requirements:
• 1 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo or above
• 512 MB RAM or more
• 200 MB hard drive space
• Internet connection
• USB 1.1 port(2.0 recommended)

For FULL HD 1080p video recording:
• 3.0 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo
• 2 GB RAM
• 1920 x 720 HD screen resolution
• USB 2.0 port

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